Made in Holland: Water Technology

The Dutch enjoy the taste of their tap water, and it doesn’t make anyone ill. It’s just pure water – without any chlorine or fluoride – and it can easily handle the competition from bottled water.

The Dutch are happy to share their water with everyone. You don’t even have to come to the Netherlands because the Dutch export their water technology all over the world.

Perhaps you too will soon have fresh, clear and healthy water coming out of your taps thanks to Dutch water technology?

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Solutions for a Changing World

The world is full of challenges related to water management. Many people live in low-lying communities and delta cities that are vulnerable to flooding, while others don’t have enough water to meet their daily needs.

A single country cannot resolve these challenges alone. The world’s water management experts must come together to find the best solutions. The Dutch water sector champions international partnerships.

The Netherlands may be relatively small on the world map, but its specialists have been involved in large water projects around the world since the Middle Ages. In the 21st century, the Dutch are doing their best to raise the profile of the importance of water management around the world.

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Made in Holland, Solutions for a Changing World, still